INSTEEL Steel and Prefabricated Structures Inc. meets the demands of its customers at the highest level with the flexibility of designing the details according to the loads of the building by preparing the statical calculation report of each structure and presenting it to its customers in different geographies abroad and in different climatic zones inside of the country.

A large part of the projects are delivered as turnkey with concrete, electrical installation, fire system, floor and wall coverings, mechanical installations and furniture with a special INSTEEL package system.

The main customer portfolio in construction sites; Turkish and foreign contractors; metro, road, infrastructure, hotel, airport and housing companies.

The most important projects in steel structures; Structural Steel Shopping Mall projects, Thermal and Geothermal Power Plants, schools, sales offices, multi-storey office buildings and factory buildings.

With the awareness of the contribution of exports to the development and future of our country and our company;

We are involved in projects in different geographies such as Balkans, Africa Region, Maldives and Turkic Republics.