Living Containers are mostly in construction sites preffered as dormitory, dining hall and office containers in addition to; training, health and military camp containers.
According to the purpose of use, it can be produced as single-storey, two-storey and three-storey. It is produced ready to use in the production facility.
It is shipped disassembled to the projects abroad. It can be set up very fast with few people in the field and can be carried anywhere by crane.
Living containers are usually produced in sizes 3x7m. and 2,4x6m. In addition, necessary statical calculations are made in accordance with the needs and demands of the customers and custom sized containers are produced according to their requirements..


Freight containers; is a transport and storage equipment that has international standards. They are robust structures that can be used for many years to transport materials efficiently, safely and undamaged in the transportation system.
Freight containers; It is modified as specially designed offices, social facilities and residences. It is produced in two different sizes: 20’ft and 40’ft. Multi-storey applications are also in progress.