Buildings such as prefabricated construction sites, prefabricated hospitals, prefabricated offices, prefabricated social facilities and prefabricated schools can be produced as single-storey, two-storey and three-storey.
Prefabricated buildings are the elements of the factory prepared and transported to the place where they will be assembled in pieces and that they are also the form of structures that arise as a result of assembling the planned parts at the construction site. They can be disassembled as well. The most important feature of prefabricated buildings is that they are economical. The advantage of these structures is that the materials obtained from the fabrication are fabricated and that they can be made with less cost and easier labor than on-site production.

The fact that Installation can be planned in advance and can be built as soon as they needed it ensures that it can meet the needs such as rapid mobilization structures, prefabricated construction sites, and prefabricated houses presented to earthquake victims in a short time.
In international production, materials are packaged in accordance with international transport and packaging rules. The raw materials we use are in TSE and DIN norms